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Quad vca mix out problem

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Quad vca mix out problem

Post by dmitri »

How do you get schematics for these modules?
I have a simple problem with the older quad VCA module. The mix out doesn’t work.
Slave links installed in the first board. r19, r22 , r27, r44 are omitted from slave board. Resistor values in the master board are correct according to build doc.
Anybody got a schematic?
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Re: Quad vca mix out problem

Post by Pav »

tony provides them in purchase confirmation email usually.
best to check +/-power going to the chips first if not already done.
rgds Pav
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Re: Quad vca mix out problem

Post by Synthbuilder »

dmitri wrote: Wed Feb 23, 2022 1:02 pmHow do you get schematics for these modules?
Dmitri, if you bought the boards from me, you would have got the schematic in the shipping confirmation. If you don't have one, send me an e-mail (not PM) and let me know the issue of your board and I'll send you one.

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