Transistor alternatives

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Transistor alternatives

Post by eljay »

As there is currently a shortage of certain transistors I wondered what if anything could be substituted for the following transistors that are currently difficult to obtain anytime soon :





Many thanks
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Re: Transistor alternatives

Post by Grumble »

(3.1 MiB) Downloaded 39 times
(BC550 was not invented yet.... :sstorm: )
Check this....
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Re: Transistor alternatives

Post by EATyourGUITAR »


With BC transistors the B code suffix is medium gain, C code is high gain. The other suffix codes are probably not important at all. Check the datasheet. Could be some weird package.

Utsource has J112 but possibly some are fakes some are real. What I do is I buy from 3 or 4 different suppliers on UTsource then I test for fakes. I have had some good experiences getting stuff from Utsource but others have been burned. My experience is that the FET are probably authentic. The IC are more likely to be black top pulls mislabeled as a different part number. Although I also think that Utsource has taken steps to clean up the website in the past 10 years so maybe it is a lot safer compared to 10 years ago when it was %90 fake IC. Now I think the fakes are on eBay shipping from china with new accounts.

Futurelec should be avoided not because of fakes. They don't sell fakes. They list stock of parts they don't have. After you buy they try to get the parts from a vendor in china. If they can't get it, they ship half your order and give you store credit for the difference. So I end up with a shipment of common stuff like CD4013 that I don't really need or want. I just add that to my order to restock. They actually tried to have me pay return shipping to china for some CD4013 after I told the bank I was scammed. They should have contacted me or fixed the website before shipping my order and charging my card.
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Re: Transistor alternatives

Post by Synthbuilder »

I am no longer recommending the BC550 and BC560 for any of my projects because both parts were discontinued a year ago. All parts lists should have been changed to show BC549 and BC559 respectively. The BC549/BC559 are the same parts as the BC550/BC560 but with a lower maximum Vce rating. This should not affect any Oakley project.

In most circumstances BC559C could be substituted with BC559B.

However, many semiconductors are in short supply at the moment and it's probably going to get much worse before it gets better. The shortage is caused by the pandemic, water shortages in the Far East, sporadic demand, panic buying, and shipping containers being in the wrong place.
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