Signal flow / voltage ggain staging in a hybrid synth

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Signal flow / voltage ggain staging in a hybrid synth

Post by weasel79 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:35 pm

hey there
so i've been building a polyphonic hybrid synth, meaning hybrid digital/analog. digital synthesis with a couple analog fx chained afterwards. several overdrivable amps, spring reverb, compressor.

i am kinda running into issues/started thinking about the level conversions involved in this. the digital synth part onlay has an output in the -10dBV rangge (axoloti boards), then i have some effects from the guitar pedal world, some eurorack stuff, the spring reverb tank and probably 1-2 more line level fx things. here's a simplified WIP signal flow diagram, colours represent voltage range groups:
of course there would be a bunch of dynamic attenuators and boosters to convert the levels, in the form of eurorack VCAs.

so yeah. i am worried by all the going back and forth i will lose a lot of headroom/S/N ratio and open myseelf up to unecessary quality loss.

i guess the most obvious thing is to either remove the GUITAR DRIVE stagge or move it further up the line. basically i want to avoid attenuation where possible right? i'll try look up the datasheet but the RNLA should be able to take up to +10-15dBu at least before clipping, right?

also i just realized another dilemma - i don't have the 106 chorus at my hands yet but obviously i want to go stereo after that, so might have to make some choice here...

can anybody guide me towards some geneeral rules aboua ll this maybe? or any specific advice here?

edit. ok so here's a slightly revised version. i usually only start thinking once i typed something out in public...
baby blue -10dBV / dark blue +4dBu / red +13dBu / yellow i dont even know. i needs serious juice.


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