a question about outboard gears with different voltages

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a question about outboard gears with different voltages

Post by ipnoteca » Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:37 am

long story short,

i live in japan an i am in the process of buying some studio equipment,

most of the gear i am eyeing is rated 115/230v while in japan electricity is mainly 100v, only one it requires 120v, luckily all the gear works both on 50/60hz

now, do i need a step up converter in order to avoid damage?
eventually what's the worst could happen i plug in straight as it is?

as far as i understand worse it can happen is that said equipment will not work at 100% of its potentiality.

anything similar to possibly a rack or a "pedal power supply" with different selectable voltage output exitst?

thank you in advance for your help!
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