Some excess Oakley stock for sale (Updated 7th January 2022)

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Some excess Oakley stock for sale (Updated 7th January 2022)

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From time to time I will have some excess stock I'd like to sell. If interested then please get in touch via the usual e-mail.

Built and Tested Pre-populated boards

These are pre-populated circuit boards that have been built by me, and used to test the designs or that have been used in my modular. They don't include panels, knobs, power leads, etc. Shipping costs are as usual, 5GBP for UK and 12GBP for elsewhere.

Dual VCO Main Board issue 1

I will provide only the fully tested populated main board, and an unpopulated pot board to go with it. The price is 60GBP. The photograph below shows the main board in a completed module.


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