Weird Cocoquantus Behavior (Skip Input)

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Weird Cocoquantus Behavior (Skip Input)

Post by smartanimal »

Hoping someone can help me out with this as it's driving me nuts.

I'm recording samples into the buffer and then attempting to use the skip input to restart the sample in time with a clock based on the advice in the main cocoquantus getting started thread.

Long story short, I've been testing it with the internal oscillator in order to rule out voltage differences and when the skip input is triggered, the sample doesn't restart, it momentarily pauses and then continues to play from where it left off. This makes the sample sound timestretched or AM modulated depending on the speed of the oscillator triggering the sample. The sample continues to play, only stuttering / restarting from where it was in the buffer, not going back to the beginning. I've tried different cables, different power sources and I can't get anything different than what I just described. I know Ciat-Lombarde stuff is esoteric but this seems like a very basic function that's not working. It happens on both buffers.

I've tried it with gates, with clicks through the piezo input and it's all the same.

Has anyone experienced this before or am I misunderstanding how the Skip input works?
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Re: Weird Cocoquantus Behavior (Skip Input)

Post by Jonny »

There used to be a powerpoint on the ciat lonbarde cocoquantus product page but it seems to be a dead link. The explanation said 'skip means mark a place/step back to it'. So in that case, the behavior sounds normal.
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