Unauthorized MFOS Noise Boxes being made/sold in Euro?

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Unauthorized MFOS Noise Boxes being made/sold in Euro?

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Friends-- we're hoping someone can help us here; a seller named 'jazzfunkcat' from Latvia appears to be making and selling eurorack MFOS modules including Noise Toaster, WSG, Sound Lab minisynth etc. - using Reverb and eBay.

While we've reported it to both platforms, the seller has not yet replied to our inquiries, and we are hoping someone here can help us make contact to sort out the royalty/rights situation. As it stands we still pay a monthly royalty to Ray Wilson's family hence our desire to protect the brand.

In the mean time if you are looking at these please be aware that (as of now anyway) these are not authorized under the commercial sale terms set out by Ray before he passed away.

Thanks for any suggestions
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