Folktek / Cause for concern?

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Re: Folktek / Cause for concern?

Post by ClausF »

Yep, checked this a minute ago and it is amazing complete...
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Re: Folktek / Cause for concern?

Post by hifiveforhifi »

Wayback machine of course works in this case, however there is also an official archive of the old site which now appears to be live :
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Re: Folktek / Cause for concern?

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Despite everything that has gone before, I really do hope the new owners manage to turn the company around and produce good quality runs of well-made modules.

The Matter II was one of the key modules that convinced me to get into Eurorack and I'd still like to own one, some day...

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Re: Folktek / Cause for concern?

Post by createdculture »

I had a mescaline V2 and never got a response to a query
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Re: Folktek / Cause for concern?

Post by chaosium »

luchog wrote: Wed Apr 20, 2022 11:20 am
funeralcake wrote: Tue Apr 19, 2022 6:22 am I've never used their products and am not interested in the lonely househusband facebook drama and moral handwringing, but I still do not trust the build quality based on the descriptions, let alone put much stock in the company's abilities to meet demand. As such, I'd much rather buy something used that has been put through its paces already. The Matter modules do still interest me slightly, though I'd rather wait until there might be more available secondhand.

Here's to hoping they can produce enough for there to be a healthy used market in the future.
Given my experience with their poor build quality and worse customer service, I'd be very hesitant to ever do business with them again; even aside from Arius' shitty personal behaviour.
closedLoop wrote: Wed Apr 20, 2022 8:26 am
Rudloe wrote: Wed Apr 20, 2022 3:11 am I had an email from Folktek, saying they will be re-stocking UK and all other stores over the coming year.

I also pre ordered a 'Resist'

Happy days.
Just keep in mind these sort of apologies and delays have been Folktek's long time MO. I can attest from personal experience.

If I were you, I'd be very cautiously optimistic, but still keep a wary eye on the time frame for disputing your payment if need be.
Yeah, that's the problem. Excuses are easy, and they have a years-long history of making excuse after excuse and delivering only under threat of forced refund, even before the pandemic hit. I wouldn't hold my breath on them fulfilling any of their promises at this point.
It's just so bizarre, we'll see how the new owners handle things but the guy being shitty holistically affected the entire business. Like, someone else had to take over the company because he was just that awful to customers and others in orbit.

Anyone got 3dio stuff? At least the devices are staying local to the PNW.
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