Folktek / Cause for concern?

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Re: Folktek / Cause for concern?

Post by ClausF »

Yep, checked this a minute ago and it is amazing complete...
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Re: Folktek / Cause for concern?

Post by hifiveforhifi »

Wayback machine of course works in this case, however there is also an official archive of the old site which now appears to be live :
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Re: Folktek / Cause for concern?

Post by Lux A Turner »

Despite everything that has gone before, I really do hope the new owners manage to turn the company around and produce good quality runs of well-made modules.

The Matter II was one of the key modules that convinced me to get into Eurorack and I'd still like to own one, some day...

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Re: Folktek / Cause for concern?

Post by createdculture »

I had a mescaline V2 and never got a response to a query
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