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Re: New IFM module? Dunst

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First patch with dunst :-) v simple just pinging the filter
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jvt wrote: Mon May 27, 2019 7:10 am Is there any kind of mod that can be done to raise the "crackle" output for a Dunst that doesn't have the trimmer? Mine is practically silent.
Could I get a pick of the back of your board - I may have a solution - I just fixed one tonight that was completely silent! (that and it had been plugged in backwards.)
This is where the trimmer is on the most recent revision - however, to add the trimmer you would need a trace cut on the other side, and add a trace on the bottom side - its easy enough but the only benefit it gives you is a slight bit more density on the lower end.
However a simple solution is a 2m2 resistor from the far left lug to the other side of the resistor above the pot (which is +12v)
Now your bias pot will increase density clockwise, and the attenuverter will give it even more density fully ccw, and will decrease a little density fully cw.
Sound Example:

Hope this helps!
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