Networking thread?

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Networking thread?

Post by thelowerrhythm »

For lack of a better title (someone please rename this), basically I thought it might be useful to have a thread where anyone teaching synthesizers can list what they're doing and where (if desired). It's certainly on the rise, which is exciting. Could be a good resource in case anyone wants to connect and chat, share thoughts, etc.?

I'm at OSU (Oregon) and am primarily using modular and other devices, like solar sounders and homemade single-purpose gadgets, in visual arts applications primarily at the intermediate undergrad level. We have a sonic arts course that I've done, usually taught by Dr. Dana Reason. It's small capacity, but covers really interesting ground and is open to majors of all kinds and is fairly adaptable to bring all of those disciplines into the conversation. Recently submitted a proposal for a 9 hour summer workshop that looks at non-linear patching techniques in modular as a way to expand compositional ideas for visual arts students (I teach intermediate and upper division painting / drawing, but my own creative practice is very sound oriented).

We also have a recurring festival called Soundbox that's now in its 6th year. Somehow survived the pandemic streaming, but thankfully lots of in-person things are back -- performance, installation, numerous interdisciplinary or non-sound-but-sound-inspired 2D and 3D works.
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Re: Networking thread?

Post by aolney »

Neat idea - I'm at the University of Memphis. My research area is using AI to help people learn. In my AI classes I often use art (both visual and sound) to help motivate students. Most recently I taught "Computational thinking through modular sound synthesis" which was by far the most 'music' of any class I've done so far. Happy to chat about anything but am likely most useful where things intersect STEM and AI.
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