Actual experience w Baron Samedi eurorack?

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Actual experience w Baron Samedi eurorack?

Post by snakejaw »

Does anyone own an Animal Factory Amplification Baron Samedi eurorack module? If so, what are your experiences and opinion? Especially compared to other distortion modules that you've owned? From the little I've seen with online videos it looks interesting. But I already have Metasonix RK2, Plague Bearer, Plankton Nutone and others. I love different kinds of distortion, but I don't want to get something that's fairly close to what I have as far as sound destruction. And I'm not inclined to "just buy it and find out". Hence I seek outside wisdom.
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Re: Actual experience w Baron Samedi eurorack?

Post by aaronmylespereira »

Hey Aaron here from the AFA team,

I'm definitely biased towards our products, but have to give it that the Baron does sound nothing like the RK2 or the Nutone. I wouldn't even consider it to be a classic distortion. It's a very weird fuzz, it can comb filter to some extent, completely gate your sounds, and with the addition of the new voodoo (feedback) knob it'll also self oscillate and you can kind of pitch track it.

So in conclusion, while I'm biased it's definitely different enough sounding module.

You can check out how it smashes a sawtooth wave over here
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Re: Actual experience w Baron Samedi eurorack?

Post by vectorwarrior »

Oof that destruction sounds pretty badass, thanks for sharing. Very tempted
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