Guitar Analyser?

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Dr. Notadoctor
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Guitar Analyser?

Post by Dr. Notadoctor »

i happened to browse ModularGrid the other day and noticed Audiospektri uploaded the Guitar Analyser. a polyphonic guitar interface/synth that can individually output both an amplitude envelope and 1V/octave pitch? that would be a complete game changer if it requires no additional hardware and the latency is reasonable. there does not seem to be any additional details from their website or social media at this moment so things like a release date, video or audio examples, and overall usage, are unknown
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Re: Guitar Analyser?

Post by wavesofwaves »

It's available for sale from Audiospektri (via Reverb :confused:) !

Their other guitar tools have me really hopeful about this one, but the amounts of my cash and faith don't currently add up to a purchase without having seen a demo, a manual, or "more information and the limitations of the module at our website:".

Gonna keep watching tho!
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Re: Guitar Analyser?

Post by wildfrontiers »

The website page and manual is up now -

Really curious about this one, may give it a shot.
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