din datin duder - stuber banana docs?

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Nelson Baboon
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din datin duder - stuber banana docs?

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i think i got that name right. mine just arrived and am setting it up.

is there any documentation anywhere? (yeah - i know the drill with peter's stuff,but when there are docs,they can help a bit).
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Common Wiggler
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Re: din datin duder - stuber banana docs?

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Peter wrote a nice piece on the ddd oval synths srine and fyral. the schmance parts should be of interest as Stuber has this too

There is also a build manual for an older version of Stuber, good clues to what the analyzer/divide down parts do
https://ciat-lonbarde.net/ciat-lonbarde ... index.html

Peter also shared a sort of schematic for the DDD Stuber in his blog
http://petermopar.blogspot.com/2020/05/ ... matic.html

Hope those help!
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