Improvised techno anyone?

Live patching, designs, and techniques that push the performance envelope.
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Re: Improvised techno anyone?

Post by SMSHFFLD »

As someone just now heading in an improvisational, performative direction, this whole thread has been very inspiring!
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Re: Improvised techno anyone?

Post by kwaidan »

This is an old dub techno practice track I made with a Roland MKS-7, a Sherman Filterbank, an Eventide H9, an Acidlab 303 Eurorack module (for bass), and Acidlab various Eurorack 808 modules.
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Re: Improvised techno anyone?

Post by radiokoala »

Hi everyone!

Today is the best day (a day that I was born :D) to make this little present to a modular techno community, and you can think of this as a double gift if you wish:

1 I'm willing to make a 10€ off discount to everyone buying electronic version of my patchbook X WITHOUT Y (€29 €19) who has or will have posted at least 20-minute long jam in this thread. By doing this I want to motivate more people to work on their live programme and also make them realize that by making a little effort (just having fun creating beats to dance to!) you can earn, as a first step, ten euro (still something), and later on tens of thousands if all goes well! :bart:

2 I also want to share ten hours+ of my modular techno you can download (and stream) for free – see here. I'm plenty positive not many people have shared a dozen of hour-long modular synth dance jams in quantity of 10H+ plus, and these are some of the best recordings of my entire musical life, too boot, and not some throwaway to free up hard space drive. :spin:

Thanks all, and thanks for keeping this thread active!

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