ADR 30 Long delay problem

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ADR 30 Long delay problem

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Hi after finishing an ADR 30 pcb build with success (really great sounding delays, of a great variety. Very versatile and really impressed with the quality of it) I started and now nearly finished the second one. It’s placed in the same box, powered by the same psu pcb and stacked on top of each other with the appropriate spacers.
Tested the second unit with short delays all good but tried the long while calibrating it (pin 15 u5) and there is no signal.
Then traced pin 1 of Q10 and there is no signal there. The signal on pin 7 of u6 is weak and at the junction of c45-r46 it disappears.
Since the pcbs now are wired and placed on top of each other it’s a problem to carry tests on the properly functioning bottom pcb. This would give me easy clues where to look for mistakes-faulty components.
Any idea what to do or where about to check on the “faulty” pcb, in order to avoid that bigger trouble?

Ps. Actually by trying a bit and comparing the signal from pin 7 of u6 on both pcbs I realised I needed to increase my input amount. Then I realised that I’m losing my good signal on the aforementioned cap-res junction so it was a matter of reflowing and voila….all good so far. So after calibration I think I will have 2 great delay units.
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