The Mick Gordon situation

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Re: The Mick Gordon situation

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luchog wrote: Tue Nov 15, 2022 8:08 pm Yeah, I can't really think of any other reason he would have done that, especially not the way he did. It's pretty common practice for a lot of the industry when responding to critics; especially after gamergate showed them just how powerful and brutal those mobs of entitled manchildren could be.
I could tell you many, MANY horror stories about Reddit. In the process of assembling the notes for the (unpublished) book about Wikipedia, I found that the notes contained a good set of Reddit scandals, so it was assembled into a set of posts that I later put on r/redditcritiques.

If anyone is interested I will post direct links; although you can find them by scrolling all the way back in the history. Go 7-8 years back.

The only reason r/redditcritiques hasn't been deleted, I suspect, is because Redditors don't like "bad news" and have been pointedly ignoring its existence. Many other subreddits that openly ran criticisms of Reddit management, or other project-things Redditors love (such as Wikipedia and gaming sites), were either hijacked by outright trolls or killed by Reddit sysops. And they will never admit it. But r/redditcritiques gets very little traffic and is therefore "unimportant".
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Re: The Mick Gordon situation

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I haven't touched reddit since the r/jailbait shit went down almost a decade ago, which for the uninformed was all about posting borderline and in some cases fully nude pictures of underaged girls, and this went on for years until another message board spammed CNN and Anderson Cooper made it public. The entitled manchild reaction to being called out for that turned out to be a precursor to gamergate but a lot of the same people were leading the charge on both and it's also why the more toxic communities on reddit are also heavily intertwined with 4chan and 8chan.

The moral of this story is that the internet make you stupid.

I have been following Mick Gordon's story through and given that it was started on reddit it reeked of bullshit from the start. I'm just glad he's finally responded which will hopefully quell the idiots that like to rage at everything.
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