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Can't sing if I'm not playing guitar, but can't record vocals when I'm playing

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Re: Can't sing if I'm not playing guitar, but can't record vocals when I'm playing

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If I was recording you and I couldn't get a decent vocal performance out of you unless you were playing guitar at the same time, I'd try to have you play an electric, unplugged, while you sing with something like a chamois cloth under the strings to totally deaden them of anything other than the slightest ticks from pick noise, capturing that with something like a 57 close to your strumming hand so that if the vocal mic does catch the pick noise, maybe I can invert the pick noise, slide a couple of ms backward to account for the distance between the strings and the vocal mic vs the pick noise capture, and that should take care of most of the pick noise with minimal interference otherwise, if I have to. Might work, might not, but I'd be willing to try, if you absolutely cannot pull out a vocal performance you feel is representative otherwise.


Others have given great advice on this as well, I'm not opposed to schooling, but I'm about more trying to capture what is there in the moment, in this case.
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