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No pulse output

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No pulse output

Post by 2013cossj »

Calibrating my third VCO, no trouble with the first 2 (yay!) but the last one I get no pulse output.
I replaced U9 (TL074) and still nothing. I see there is 15V on pin 4 and -15.2V on pin 11, and I get a sine wave on pin 7.
The components around U9 all look the same as the other ones...any ideas?

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Re: No pulse output

Post by Pav »

Hi, can we assume you have checked continuity from socket to pcb, and did you use a sock board or hand wired said sockets.? Useful to rule them out especially if other signals than pulse are ok
rgds Pav
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Re: No pulse output

Post by Synthbuilder »

2013cossj wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 12:28 pmCalibrating my third VCO, no trouble with the first 2 (yay!) but the last one I get no pulse output.
Further to Pav's comments, also check the wiring to the mode switch. If there is no connection from the switch wiper to the main board (via the socket board) you'll probably not get a pulse output.

Also,if you're not getting audio then what is the DC voltage on the pulse output? Does it vary when you change the pulse width?
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