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New to Plugins, Orchestral Suite

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New to Plugins, Orchestral Suite

Post by RickKleffel »

I'm currently using Logic X on a Mac Mini 2018, 16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, 3 GHz Intel Core i5, Mojave 10.14.6. I use Logic strictly as a multi-track recorder for a stack of synths. I've not been interested in using or playing plugins, until this AM when I saw a demo of UVI Augmented Orchestra. Will it work on my setup, as is? Audio MIDI studio is set up to the point of knowing I have a Virus ti Snow to input MIDI notes.

As a clue-free noob to the world of plug ins, can I just download, install, and start sequencing some of those sounds alongside the audio tracks of hardware-sequenced synths?

In theory, this should just work. Theory has rarely met my unique combination of stupidity and laziness. I am hoping the many experts of MW can make helpful suggestions. Including as whether UVI Augmented Orchestra is a reasonable choice.
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Re: New to Plugins, Orchestral Suite

Post by efluon »

Don‘t know augmented orchestra. It is a sample library though, so the usual rules for that apply. I.e. these libraries are huge normally and take up lots of ram and disk-space.
It looks like your cpu and your ram is up to the task. But you should store the library on a fast ssd if possible, else you will not be able to stream a lot of voices.

Demos of sample libraries often sound incredible. Playing them is quite involved though, and with most you need to arrange more than play. There are some that have incredible orchestral arplike playing tools. (Which can be considered cheating)
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Re: New to Plugins, Orchestral Suite

Post by aquifer »

A few caveats: Have you downloaded all the free Logic Pro libraries? There are orchestral packs there which are ok to get used to how to arrange with virtual orchestras. The UVI suite sounds good though- you'll need to register and create an iLok account to authorise the Soundset and (of course) you'll need to download the UVI Workstation instrument (free and I'm sure they'll be an older version that's Mojave friendly). You can change the source of the UVI sound pack, so it's easy to place the large sound files on an external drive - I have all of my Logic library and MOTU Mach Five sounds (the originator of the UVI engine, so to speak) on an external Lacie. 16 Gb is a decent amount of RAM, but for large arrangement which all use a lot of the Orchestral Instruments simultaneously, most modern drives should have fast enough read speeds.
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