What are the chances of any DIY kits getting released?

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What are the chances of any DIY kits getting released?

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I want Godeater so bad I can taste it! Problem is, I can’t afford the pedal or the module - even if I could buy the module, it’s in Eurorack and that is not my jam so I would end up repaneling it in Kosmo format anyway.

I understand that the circuitry is proprietary, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes in to developing these things, especially in India (from what I understand from listening to interviews with Aditya) - but I want to ask anyway (never hurts to ask, or so I have been told) - are there any chances for any Animal Factory modules to be sold as DIY kits or PCBs? What about bespoke modules designed for DIY from Animal Factory?

You guys rule. Seriously.
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Re: What are the chances of any DIY kits getting released?

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Hey there towmotor!

Thanks a ton for the kind words - unfortunately, I don't see this happening at any point in the future except for the extremely basic APC stuff we do for https://synthfarm.in.

We're a tiny team that is constantly prototyping, developing and producing modules, pedals... and some other stuff that's in the pipeline and we won't talk about yet ;) this is going to remain our focus going forward till we have a LOT more breathing room. Till then, DIY kits are not on the cards and not something any of us wants to get into.

If it's any consolation, the Godeater is not going to be discontinued anytime in either format, as long as we can help it, and the next production run is slated for December 2022. Cheers!
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