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Agitation Free live footage [RARE 1973]

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crawling wind
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Agitation Free live footage [RARE 1973]

Post by crawling wind »

I've always liked Agitation Free: long flowing guitar passages with bonus electronics from Michael Hoenig. Here is some rare footage for those interested:

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Post by »

Those were the days when a "Synthesizer" alone would make people's jaws drop :).

I've always been a huge fan of Hoenig's solo albums, especially "Departure from the Northern Wasteland". Lüül (Lutz Ulbrich) will be playing live with Manuel Göttsching (Ashra) at E-Live Festival in the Netherlands in October this year. Could be interesting.

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Post by VomitFlowers »

Fantastic never seen this before - thank you for sharing.
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Post by rampy »

Awesome! I love their first two records!
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Post by Haterade »

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Re: Agitation Free live footage [RARE 1973]

Post by cornutt »

Necro-bump... I signed up for a Spotify Premium membership last month, mainly as my new way of playing stuff in the car. So one thing I've noticed is that if you set it up to play an album, after it's done with that, it will start playing other tracks that (I guess) it thinks are in the same style as what you just played. Some of the choices it makes are laughable, but now and then, it plays something that makes me think "holy crap, why haven't I heard that before?" So last weekend, I was driving somewhere, and I had set it to play Camel's "Mirage" album. So that ended, and it played some other random choice, and then there was a "holy crap" moment. I looked at the radio screen and it was Agitation Free's "First Communication". I had heard the name before, but I only knew it as a band that Chris Franke was in before Tangerine Dream. I didn't know that Michael Hoenig was in this band. Wow. I've had both Malesch and 2nd on repeat the past two says. Hoenig had some really unique ideas. Cool stuff.
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Re: Agitation Free live footage [RARE 1973]

Post by cretaceousear »

Never heard of them, interesting, shame they weren't more widely known.
(Then the YouTube sidebar linked to a load of Can things I've not heard before, so an afternoon of groovy music)
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