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.vca versions?

Discussion and support for STG Soundlabs modules of all formats.
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Common Wiggler
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.vca versions?

Post by Esnan »

Hi, I just stumbled onto the description on the .vca on Reverb, which says:

"The lower inputs are normalised to the upper inputs, so it is very easy to send the same signal or control input to both VCAs. Its response is unity gain at 5 volt control input."

I have an old .vca that I don't think has this feature. Would it be possible to mod it in some way to get the normalisation, or is the circuit entirely different?
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Hammond King
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Re: .vca versions?

Post by suitandtieguy »

i'm sorry, the earlier version cannot be modified for this without returning it to me, and i'd rather not even do that because it would look ugly.
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