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First Modular Performance with my girlfriend

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First Modular Performance with my girlfriend

Post by Jazz-Circuit »

My girlfriend is a performance, installation and sculptural artist. I recently got her into modular a little bit (she's bought a Radio Music and Koszalin as her first modules to use with my system) and this last weekend we has our first modular performance together for a video of one of her past art performances. At the time of the original art performance in Philadelphia, a trumpet player and I created a soundscape from the basement of the gallery for the performance above us, using Subs pushed up against the ceiling of the basement to create grumbling sounds in addition to generally eerie and disturbing drones. For this one my girlfriend recorded her heartbeat and stomach sounds using a stethoscope that she soldered a mic into, as well as the sounds of breathing and various text which she read. I taught her how to use the looper the night before and she rocked it. This is a short video snippet recorded by an attendee. It's not too bad for a phone recording. There is an installation of the art and video currently at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center. I'm excited to do more work with her on her ideas.

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Re: First Modular Performance with my girlfriend

Post by folpon »

Woah! That's super cool. Cheers! :)
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Re: First Modular Performance with my girlfriend

Post by KSS »

:tu: :yay:
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Re: First Modular Performance with my girlfriend

Post by opsysbug »

Cassette/DL here:

Other improv stuff.
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Re: First Modular Performance with my girlfriend

Post by synthdog »

Very cool! You are lucky to have shared interests with your lady.
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