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YuSynth LFO V2

Discussion and support for the M²Synth modular, MFOS and
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YuSynth LFO V2

Post by dummyplugconspiracy »

Hi -

Just finished (hah! apparently not!) the YuSynth LFO V2. It's giving me some trouble getting the waveforms to look right. I want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything obvious before I dig in:

1. The LED doesn't flash, but it does illuminate. When I read the description of the module again, it does mention brightness, but not blink rate. Am I correct that this version doesn't blink, but instead increases in brightness with higher frequencies? It was a bit hard to tell with the lighting on my bench, so I may have missed it.
2. On the wiring diagram there appears to be a 10n cap inline between the board and the tip of the Sync jack. But there is no other mention of it and the parts kit didn't include it, so I am sort of assuming it's either not needed or it's a mistake. Anyone know?
3. I am getting rough saw, square, triangle (sort of) and something that kind of resembles a sine if I tweak the heck out of the trimmers. But I cannot seem to get them all at the same time. Every time I tweak one, I lose the others. Is this typical of this module? Or is that an indication something is wrong? I feel like I am going to extremes trimming. And the T3 sine trimmer doesn't seem to do anything at all.
4. Lastly, I noticed as I was testing and trimming that my bench supply current meter started reading 0.04, which seemed about normal. When I glanced at it again, it was 0.12, which alarmed me a little. I could make it drop some by adjusting the frequency knob. At one point it read as high as 0.14 and I turned it off just in case. But performance didn't change during any of that. It was a little warm, but I also live in Florida and work in the garage. It's over 100F here. Does this seem odd? As I completed my testing it had settled back down to 0.03 and I have to wonder if my trimming was what made it rise.

Last time I had trouble with an LFO it was just a case of balancing the trimmers with some serious trial and error, but this seems like possibly something else going on. I will do a full inspection tonight.

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