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Re: ROT8

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antumbra wrote: Mon Jun 08, 2020 6:16 pm
AlterX wrote: Sun Jun 07, 2020 3:54 pm Just finished my ROT8 this evening. All seems good, start up sequence was good 1st no smillie :-( Red LEDS are out. Buttons works fine, Seq runs, CV output is good. When clock is fed in, sequence seems to run very slow, with a fast clock from O_C. Would it be back to a re-flash and check fuses?
I'd think that could be a solution, also reflowing components. Are the green leds working?
I have no idea how to flash this firmware, I tried on Atmel studio 7 but i can get it work, I can get the target voltage but that is it, I cant get it to run the other target that is next to ttarget voltage (I have to do it on another computer than the one im at so i forgett what its called) What program should i be using to upload the firmware? What are these fuses?? i do have the avrisp mk2 and its connected but that about as far as ive gotten, all previous firmware that i have flashed has been on a teensy or Arduino, ANY HELP FROM ANYONE WOULD BE SO APPPRECIATED! :sstorm:
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Re: ROT8

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If you're having a really tough time you can try using the AVRDUDESS GUI
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