New Interfaces for Analog Synthesizers.

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Post by Dogma »

So i see heaps of these for sale and i wonder if people are really utilizing the whole module or just shoving a few sources and filtering....

ive had great success feeding 2 different signals - modulated phase from a Richter ii is awesome, and then sending triggers from either Bastl Knit Rder, CV trintity - all sorts, and then feeding them back through a cold mac into a VCAM and running the env followers into the VCAM - i just love this module....

Never tried the Serge rez EQ which id love to one day - but any more love for the 601?
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Post by Tumulishroomaroom »

Totally necro-ing this thread.

I just discovered this module as I was looking into EQs. Not that many options available, or at least I haven't found that many, and this one looks really powerful, I love the demo dated 6years ago with the Macbeth Oscillators ! With the Env Followers it's probably quite the beast modulation-wise for a relatively low hp count compared to more recent offerings like the Bark Filter.

Anybody here with one can attest to the usefulness of such a module in a relatively small system ? And usefulness of EQ in general ? I'm more looking into something that could be use creatively rather than just cut a couple frequencies. In a techno context in my particular case.
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Post by Summa »

yeah I use mine a lot, it's like half a Buchla 296.

I use it with many different types of material but it works really well with both short percussive sounds, creating a kick and hi-hat with the same source but filtered separately with the different bands. But it also works really nice with drone slow movements.. hard to beat the functionality in such a small footprint.

combine it with a Batumi, Quadra and a random source and you have endless possibilities.
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Post by swhic »

useful and sounds so good..:)
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Post by texturerama »

Once again necro bumping this thread, I'm relatively new to modular and have had ages of fun playing with the Serge Res EQ. I'm considering the 601 for my euro system to play with feedback patches but demos are few and far between.

This self-patched demo sounds absolutely incredible:

How have you all been enjoying your 601? Any caveats that became apparent after having it for a long time?

Better still, anybody want to trade or sell me theirs :hihi: ?
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Post by Quiet Wilds »

I love mine, the caveat is that the power draw is pretty crazy given its size so if you have a mediocre power supply or a big case you can run into trouble, I had to upgrade from my Doepfer case just to power the damn thing. Sounds amazing though.
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