Moisture sensitive devices.

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Moisture sensitive devices.

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Hi all. I'm building the euro DVCO at the moment and the parts list includes some OPA op amps, specifically OPA1678IDR. I got these from Mouser as well as some OPA2134UAs and all the other semiconductors for my upcoming Euro builds.
The OPA chips were delivered in some fancy antistat packaging which is full of dessicant and has a label that says these chips are moisture sensitve.
I'll include a pic of the label if I can.
I've never seen this type of bag or warning before. Then again I've not ordered a lot of stuff from Mouser before, I mainly use Farnell and Rapid.
The warnings on the label mainly refer to long term storage and reflow oven soldering etc but I do use hydro x solder and water wash my pcbs with warm water.
I've used DIP thru hole OPA2134s with no such warnings on the packaging.
Does anyone think I'll have problems, or is it just over-cautious compliancy.
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Re: Moisture sensitive devices.

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eggpie wrote: Sat Apr 10, 2021 2:06 pmDoes anyone think I'll have problems...
No. This is more about control of moisture content for large scale manufacturing. With hand soldering your ICs this sort of thing is not an issue.

I recently had some through hole trimmers that came with the same type of packaging and gel bag. Now that was overkill.
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