"Mini" resistors?

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"Mini" resistors?

Post by oozitron »

Are there any drawbacks or issues with these "mini" resistors?

https://www.digikey.com/en/products/det ... K0/9770246

They are much less expensive... basic specs look the same as the normal sized metal film resistors.

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Re: "Mini" resistors?

Post by Synthbuilder »

oozitron wrote: Sat Nov 28, 2020 8:41 amAre there any drawbacks or issues with these "mini" resistors?
They should work just fine. The smaller size does lead to increased self heating when current is passed which increases drift. However, this is likely to be insignificant in any of my circuits.

It's usually worth buying resistors in 100s as this greatly reduces costs. From Mouser the standard resistor I use is less than 2c a piece when bought in 100s, eg. 603-MFR-25FTE52-82K .

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