Buchla Pseudo Sequence - Source of Uncertainty - 1979 DAO

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Buchla Pseudo Sequence - Source of Uncertainty - 1979 DAO

Post by @green » Thu Nov 21, 2019 11:08 am

Buchla inspired modular synthesizer system to demonstrate making a randomly generated pseudo sequence using the 266r Source of Uncertainty Buchla clone, 280r Quad Envelope Generator Buchla clone, 1979 modular Dual Algorithmic Oscillator DAO, and 292c Quad Lopass Gate Buchla clone. The DAO is a dual version of the masterful Émilie Gillet's Mutable Instruments Braids. The new dual interface design and electrical engineering to assure Buchla system compatibility was performed by 1979 modular. The HARM and TOY* Algorithms are featured in this patch. The varied pitches as well as the animation of the DAO's parameters are being generated at random by the Source of Uncertainty. The 292c Quad Lopass Gate is used as a dual VCA in this instance and is being animated by the 280r Quad Envelope Generator. This is a modular synthesizer tutorial and demonstration that focuses on the Buchla modular synthesizer system.


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