i'm official

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mome rath
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i'm official

Post by mome rath » Sat Jun 06, 2020 3:52 pm

thanks to jd1979 I'm now a wiardo

time to start learnin :love:

soundcloud, dear friends

good trader cred
guest wrote:
Fri Jan 03, 2020 2:45 pm
basically, as the dude put it "no walter, youre not wrong, youre just an asshole".
zoogoo wrote: your stupid

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Re: i'm official

Post by Bigbang » Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:32 am

Hey Wairdo, congrats!

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Re: i'm official

Post by luketeaford » Thu Jul 15, 2021 3:18 pm

Fell down a YouTube rabbit hole and ended up here... I want one!

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Re: i'm official

Post by sabasan » Mon Jul 26, 2021 3:17 pm


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