ADDAC 104 DIY Kit Problem

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ADDAC 104 DIY Kit Problem

Post by PabloSrNaranja » Tue Apr 13, 2021 9:08 am

Hi all.

I had just finished building the 104 Kit and I am experiencing some issues with it that I can not debug it without schematics.

The problem is that all the outputs are not sensible to the frequency knobs and all do the same sound (with some subtle eq differences) when an trigger is input.

I really dont know what to do as this is such a simple build. I have built more than 50 DIY modules (kits, pcb, SMD or even some of my own designs), but this simple one is driving me mad.

At the beggining I thougth that the vactrol legs may be so large, but now they are very trimmed and nothing good is happening.

Any ideas?

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