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Interested in a reprint of Allen Strange's Electronic Music?

Anything modular synth related that is not format specific.

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Allen Strange's Electronic Music... do you want a copy?

Print copy for under $100 USD plus shipping
Print copy for under $50 USD plus shipping
E-copy at a reasonable price
Total votes: 950

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Interested in a reprint of Allen Strange's Electronic Music?

Post by j450nn014n »

I've been talking with McGraw Hill Eduction who owns the copyright for Allen Strange's Electronic Music. I'm putting together a proposal to get permission to reprint the second edition in paper and/or PDF formats. I already have a book series with a publisher (Sense/Brill) who may be able to take care of production, and I'd like to gage interest in the MW community.

I may do a kickstarter or similar process, but it may not be necessary. And I'm looking at doing a facsimile edition for under $50 USD plus shipping. If you're interested, please respond to the poll.

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Post by Reality Checkpoint »

Even though I have a copy already I would be very happy to see this re-published, as it should be required reading. And yes, I would buy a copy too!

And thank you for taking the time to pursue this. :hail:
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Post by Zube »

I have a PDF of it, would totally buy a legit physical copy. This is a great idea, good luck and thank you!
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Post by BenA718 »

I chose e-copy because I usually have my iPad to hand when working on the modular.
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Post by luketeaford »

I'd pay up to $100 for a legit print copy-- would also buy a legit copy in any other version and ebook works for me, too.
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Post by hamildad »

you're doing the Lords work here.....

wish you every success.

I've long hoped that the estate of Allan Strange can benefit from his hard work and we can get legit access to a defining work on synthesis..
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Post by Keltie »

Yes please. Print under $50, cos I’m a cheapskate, and.....moar modjewels! :hihi:
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Post by Rigo »

Would like a physical copy as well; low price would be nice but good quality is nicer.
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Post by huffnPuff »

I’m willing to pay a bit more for a nice copy, reasonable facsimile is also OK.
Thanks for doing this!
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Post by tnktni »

Thank you for your effort! I think under $50 for a print copy makes sense to me.
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Post by Dilibob »

In the past the try doing this with pdf I don’t think worked out very well, I’d prefer some type of amazon thing were there was an option hardcover, soft, kindle. With modular I am often on the floor or weird angles, so I like having a few soft copies of my sacred texts often buried where I keep my extra cables..
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Post by nbirnel »

Oh yes!

I am willing to pay closer to $100 if we can get it OCR'ed and re-typeset, rather than a facsimile.
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umma gumma
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Post by umma gumma »

Hell yeah, and I'll take a pair of those Birkenstocks too!
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Post by keyofsalvador »

I’d be in for the $50 print copy or the electronic version. Thank you for investing your time and effort into this!!

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Post by srogers »

I’d definitely be down for this!
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Post by DigitalNativeDunce »

nbirnel wrote:Oh yes!

I am willing to pay closer to $100 if we can get it OCR'ed and re-typeset, rather than a facsimile.
Agree with this!
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Post by raylinds »

Yes!!!! For under $50 please
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Post by whyfarer »

Under 50 would be great, though I would probably pay more...
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Post by Kent »

Spiral bound would be nifty
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Post by cptnal »

Just checked the exchange rate. Changing my response from $50 to $100. :party:
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Post by MindMachine »

The McGraw Hill Education version is barely readable due to degradation from multiple generations of copy. If anything is produced it should be legible.

Worth every penny of $100.00 (shipped of course!).
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Post by wackelpeter »

i myself, still not sure if i would buy a copy, would favour a physical copy… if under 50$ perfect, but there is still some span between 50 and 100... which means if it didn't get away with 50 it could be 60 or 70 which seems still a reasonable price...
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Post by lud »

Is it a really big book? Not sure why it would warrant a pricetag of over $50
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Post by porphyrion »

Great book.

Printing it is nothing special however. Don't understand why this black&white book would be over $35... Good paper/spiral-bound costs extra, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure there would even be volunteers that would re-type this so it looks totally fresh & sharp while keeping the classic lay-out 100% intact.
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Post by Flareless »

I'd be interested in Print and e-Copys for $50 - $100


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