New Beginers question

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New Beginers question

Post by horsegrip » Thu Jul 22, 2021 5:33 am

This is new to me, as I'm normally keyboard synths n stuff.
Now wanting to enter the modular.
I use MIDI heavily in my setup.
Now I know of MIDI to CV modules and the like, and need to understand further.
Though my question is for expanding modules and the controller knobs, etc
Is the a connecting standard that can pass from CV to Osc/filter/Env and that data passed to the next modules with corresponding CC's?
I'm wanting a setup that I can also control with my DAW, also a feature that can store a preset regardless of the jumper connections


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Re: New Beginers question

Post by Agawell » Thu Jul 22, 2021 6:38 am

if your midi -> cv module has modulation outputs as well as gate and v/oct then you will be able to send midi cc messages to them and from there patch the cv to where ever you want

the connecting standard for eurorack is use 3.5mm patch cables and only patch outputs to inputs (you could blow a module up, mostly you won't though)

if you want to send the same modulation cv to different modules then you will need to mult the signal - either with a passive mult module, a headphone splitter or stackcables

nb if you want to do the same with v/oct signals you will want to use a buffered mult to avoid voltage sag - which is only really noticeable in v/oct as your vcos will be out of tune - if you care about that sort of thing

there are a few modules that can 'store presets' and possibly morph between them - polyend preset (bit of a give away that one!) and addac vc-transitions and lots more

if I were you I would go to and search for those modules - they will probably be under 'controllers' - but they will only store cv values and output them - how you use those cvs is up to you and will differ each time you patch - so unless you are effectively patching up a custom fixed architecture synth and leaving it patched, the presets are of little real meaning

I'd also go through the different midi->cv modules to find something that suits your use case - it is highly likely that you may need multiple different modules to actually meet those requirements - a lot of people just sync the modular to an external (midi, for example) clock
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Re: New Beginers question

Post by Headphones73 » Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:02 am

I’m new to modular as well, but I’m learning how CV warps & modulates a signal. Getting MIDI to sequence it is more tricky I’ve noticed. I’m hoping the new Korg SQ64 will fix that issue somewhat, but if not, I won’t mind because I’m just having fun with my Behringer Crave, 3 Hungry Robot Modular Pedals, & Sonicsmith A1. And my Moogerfoogers.

Best advice I can give is start simple. It can add up really quick when you add in patch cables, more Filters/LFO’s, Sample & Holds/Slews, etc. I would just start with a CV synth in your budget. Wether that’s a Moog or Behringer or MakeNoise or EricaSynth is up to you. Don’t even buy a rack & modules right away unless you know what it is you’re after. When I first started I was getting nothing but fart noises. Cute, but not what I was after. You kind of got to route your oscillators to envelope, filter & LFO to tame your sounds. When you’re ready to build a rack or just buy a 2nd CV synth, then you have more to explore.
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Re: New Beginers question

Post by cornutt » Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:46 am

Let's review. The most basic patch in a modular is to patch an oscillator output to a VCA's signal input, and an envelope generator's output to the VCA's control input. Now, you get a control voltage and a gate signal from your MIDI-CV converter. The control voltage is patched into the oscillator's control input, to tell it what note to play. (You'll have to use the frequency controls on the oscillator to make it play in tune with other instruments.) The gate signal goes to the EG's gate input. When you press a note on your keyboard, the MIDI-CV outputs a control voltage telling the oscillator what note to play, and the gate signal tells the EG to start. When you let the key up, the gate signal tells the EG to go to its release phase.

Most MIDI-CV interfaces have additional CV outputs that can be mapped to pitch wheel, aftertouch, or a CC number. These will follow the corresponding controls on your keyboard. An an example, in the patch above, let's insert a VCF in between the oscillator's output and the VCF's signal input, and send a CV from the MIDI interface to the VCF's control input. Now, if you map that CV output on the MIDI interface to CC #1, you can make the filter sweep using the mod wheel on your keyboard.
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