Which Audio Interface for my modular system ???

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Post by nepsis » Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:45 pm

celestial tomes wrote: just read this fucking book
Nice book! Thanks for the link!
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Post by synthi » Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:53 pm

urogijani wrote:
milkshake wrote:
urogijani wrote:No I mean Unbalanced signal level to Balanced signal level... Also signal out from my modular to balanced out to get a proper signal for processing it with my studio hardwares which needs a balanced signal and it will be nice also to be able with the modul unbalanced signals from my drum machines and synths to transform into balanced signal... The Intellijel Audio Interface II will be nice for that, just I cant find specification about it...
Do you hear a very loud hum when connecting your drum machines and modular to the rest of your studio with unbalanced cables?
No the problem is not that. Any hum or noise. Just now I bought some pro audio hardwares compressors, eqs, sarutaror, transient shape etc. And all of them have Balanced ins and outs. Was asking the manufacturers and lot of them said that it will be not work in its full potential if it is not feeded with Balanced +4db signals... Some of them said that ''-10 dB will work, but it is not the ideal level both in terms of threshold for compression and dynamic range/noise floor...'' So I am now about to change all my cabling in the studio to balanced ones and want to have a module which will make my modular signals to balanced levels, also be able to use it to make my drum machines and synth levels to +4dB.

Don´t believe that voodo the manufacturers say. I`m using hi-end hardware in a daily basis for almost 20 years.
The first thing your compressor/eq/saturator/nameit device will do inside is unbalance your signal!!! Thats the first stage. all the internal process is done unbalanced. Then , in the last stage will balance the signal again.
Why?? Because balanced is for driving LONG lines without too much noise or level loss. NO MORE.
Keep in mind that the mastering versions of most of those devices are unbalanced, because the transparency (the electronics for debalancing and balancing again have a cost in the sonics)
Your modular have enought, may be too much juice to drive your hardware comps or eqs at the right level, you must attenuate your signal if you want to have better headroom; just use the input control (an attenuator) in your harware device and adjust it to the optimun level.

We are talking here about unbalanced signal but at modular levels, NOT "common" unbalanced signal at consumer levels!!!
Thats the big difference and thats why what you hear from manufactures or the store regarding "unbalanced" is not for your modular.

You could use something like a DI or a kind of interface for doing a conversion, but again, it will degrade the signal (the cheapest the converter the worst the degrading) and you will win nothing if you use cables shorter than lets say, 50 meters...

So if you want transparency, headroom, and you don´t need to put your modular and outboard gear in oposite sides of a football stadium just plug it straight and adjust levels to optimal setting using the built in VUs or a multimeter. 8-)
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Post by urogijani » Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:22 am

Thank You so much to all of You for the informations :) Helps a lot !!!!!

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Post by MA.n » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:23 pm

expert sleepers ES-3 via silentway in ableton. It takes a little bit of learning, but flawless, and highly customize-able - they may have a "newer" interface now, but expert sleepers man!

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Re: Which Audio Interface for my modular system ???

Post by stikygum » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:16 pm

Is the Intellijel Audio Interface II still in production? I don't find too many places that have it. I was checking here to see if there was one for sale second hand first. Seems like a pretty good bang for the buck in a decent sized format.

The Vermona TAI-4 looks good, but doesn't have gain knobs and is 4hp bigger.
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