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looking for MU Panel designs and a question about MIDIDAC

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looking for MU Panel designs and a question about MIDIDAC

Post by hamildad » Tue Sep 07, 2021 10:03 am

Hi there,

Despite parts shortages turning this into a 6 month+ endeavor, I am looking for Panel layouts in MU for the following oakley panels:

Oakley MIDI DAC - note: I really want to use the Krisp1 style midiDAC with 2x 4mults on it as I normally mult any gate/CV as a matter of course.
VC/ASDR Upgrade (1MU wide to add next to ASDR/VCA)

if anyone has the designs, I can get the panels made up, I just have no fpd experience and can guarantee I will mess up the hole placement etc when converting the MOTM templates on the Oakley website.


I also wanted to use the MIDI THRU socket on the MIDI DAC to accommodate a Hobbytronics MIDI HOST PCB and then be able to use either 5pin DIN MIDI or USB MIDI straight into the module.

I would never use both so wiring both into the MIDI input on the PCB should work, and as the hobbytronics needs 5V, I can take that from the MU power supply.

Has anyone tried similar? as a USB Host & DIN MIDI to CV interface would be the dream
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