LM13700 DIP version now end of life

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LM13700 DIP version now end of life

Post by Synthbuilder » Wed May 19, 2021 7:37 am

The TI LM13700N will be discontinued next year and has been listed as EOL (end of life). Current stocks are high and there will be no doubt plenty available to buy for a few years yet. The surface mount version is still an active part.

The following current Oakley projects use the DIP version of the LM13700N:

SVF (5U)
ASV (5U)
Croglin (5U)
TSL (5U)
DSL (5U)
Discontinuity (5U)
Equinoxe (5U)
VCO (5U)

It may have been easier to list my projects that don't contain the LM13700. :eek:

Over the next couple of years I will update some of the above list to use the V2164/AS2164, or discrete alternatives.

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Re: LM13700 DIP version now end of life

Post by SkyWriter » Wed May 19, 2021 8:03 am

In a previous life I did a few silicon replacements for EOL'd chips.

However, a socketed SMT part isn't too hard to put together. At least there's no SSO issues to speak of. That helps tremendously.
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