PCB Stock News: 14th September 2021

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PCB Stock News: 14th September 2021

Post by Synthbuilder » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:48 am

The following boards are temporarily out of stock:

Dizzy (MOTM)

The Dizzy should be back in October.

The following board stocks are getting very low, ie. less than five:

COTA/SVF pot board (Euro)
Sequencer (Euro)
Discontinuity (5U)
Croglin (5U)
MidiDAC (5U)
PSU2 (5U)
Transistor Superladder (5U)
Vintage Flanger

The following items have come to the end of their commercial life and will be discontinued once current stocks run out:

All existing 5U PCBs

Recently Discontinued PCBs

ASV (5U)
SVF (5U)
Classic VCA (5U)

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