What would you require from S&H?

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Re: What would you require from S&H?

Post by wuff_miggler » Wed May 26, 2021 6:06 pm

^ i guess a quantizer is more expensive than what you mention - i didnt think about it like that :-)

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Re: What would you require from S&H?

Post by justin3am » Wed May 26, 2021 11:50 pm

I frequently use sample and hold with sequencers, so that the voltage only changes on steps with active gates. Sometimes the gate occurs like, when the CV sequencer is transiting from one voltage to another and so the sequence ends up sounding wrong. In these cases I use a gate delay to make sure that the sample and hold is triggered a little later, when the voltage from the CV sequencer is at the target voltage. It might be cool if something like that were built into the sample and hold.

Perhaps there could be a threshold for 'movement' which would make the module wait until the incoming voltage is stable enough to be sampled. If this were on a variable control, I bet it could have more creative uses when sending noiser or smoothly varying signals to the input.

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Re: What would you require from S&H?

Post by GryphonP3 » Thu May 27, 2021 4:06 am

Potch isnt important for me ... is it possible to just have an extremely primitive 12tone quantizer onboard that can be switched on if desired?
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