Fun times with Magic Smoke

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Fun times with Magic Smoke

Post by deecalk1 »

Been swapping a few Axon and PEXP expanders between a few different Pams and an MFX for months and practically quintuple-checked the headers every time. But I must have quadruple checked today because I just fried this puppy. Pour one out for the little homie.

Friendly reminder that no matter how many times you RTFM or repeat the same process, the magic smoke will be will get you at one point no matter how hard you try. No mercy!

100% my fault, but to be fair the word EXPAND printed on the PCB might not have been the best choice for a header that will destroy a… you know… expander.

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Re: Fun times with Magic Smoke

Post by ExMagic »

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Re: Fun times with Magic Smoke

Post by Kattefjaes »

I had a capacitor pop in a brand-new busboard mid-recording. I wasn't sure what happened until I finished what I was doing and powered the case down. Found the casualty. Recording named in honour of that which escaped while it was happening:

(excuse the horrifying gory image of the ex-capacitor)

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