Qu-Bit Nebulae flashing red lights

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Qu-Bit Nebulae flashing red lights

Post by joesh »

Hi, can anyone explain what's happening when I get two red lights around the speed encoder flashing? I've never had this before, and I just plugged a sound source into the Nebulae to get some sounds into the Neb and suddenly it went into this odd flashing mode. I unplugged the record ... :doh: input, then reconnected and tried something else (another sampler - with a clarinet note), same again!

Most strange, can someone tell me what's happening (and of course what do I need to do)?

Thanks in advance.


Forget this post, I hadn't noticed that I had plugged the sound source into the RECORD jack! As soon as I went back and tried again (this time putting into the INPUT not RECORD) I realised my own stupidity! I even wrote that above ** = :doh:
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