Vaemi Buffered Multiple DIY or Assembled with affordable price

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Vaemi Buffered Multiple DIY or Assembled with affordable price

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Buffered Multiple is an active signal multiplication circuit. Thanks to this module, for example, you can create many copies of an 8Vpp signal out of a single 8Vpp signal. You can use this module as two 1 In – 4 Outs or one 1 In – 8 Outs. Signal flow is shown on the module with arrows so that you can use the module without difficulty. As long as you do not plug in a jack through the input below, the input of the first channel on the top is directed from the inside, through the circuit board. The module is DC-coupled. Therefore, it can be used for all AC and DC signals, and all audio and CV signals. ... -assembled

I think this module one million seven hundred fifty seven thousand sixty eighth Buffered Multiple module of the Eurorack system :hihi: :hyper: :mrgreen: :hmm:
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