Matrix mixers: Types, usages. What's yours?

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Re: Matrix mixers: Types, usages. What's yours?

Post by D4vidd »

Love all the matrices... I have been wiggling with these guys: 4ms VCA matrix, Livestock Maze, Dubmatrix, Frequency central Looking glass and Wonderland, Bear Modules Stereo Matrix, Alyseum Matrix II (this is just a switch matrix really - cannot mix multiple inputs to an output).
There is a custom made 8x8 knob only euro matrix coming in shortly, + ordered probably one of the last WMD SSM+Expander combos, and there is a eurorack compatible large 11x11 desktop VC AM/RM/Env follower matrix design in the works right now... I mainly use the matrices for Aux sends / feedback loop / routing and for interrelated CV mod, but I have a matrix in mind that could do a lot more (waveshaping, compression, slew limiting, function generation, etc...). While designing the large 11x11 matrix and trying out different features I ended up with a Pure Data patch with a CVable matrix mixer where each channel is a versatile transient and waveshaper... Here is the patch if anyone is interested in wiggling onscreen:
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Re: Matrix mixers: Types, usages. What's yours?

Post by Mule »

I currently have a wmd ssm with expansion right next to my 4ms VCA Matrix. A bunch of HP but a Great combo as the ssm expansion is great for automating the 4ms matrix vca’s
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Re: Matrix mixers: Types, usages. What's yours?

Post by Llouwelyn »

namon wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 12:46 pm Man I would love a Hinton matrix set up like that...
I have one FS.
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Re: Matrix mixers: Types, usages. What's yours?

Post by atomd »

Less obvious mixer usage:
unity/-1 gain mixer for exact pitch manipulations. DC coupled ofc.
You can make filter track yet module it sequencer.

Another not obvious use case is to exactly subtract signals.
That way it's simple L/R <-> mid/side conversion
or wild stereo phase effects when paired with filter

And best of all thanks to no pots they are really small
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Re: Matrix mixers: Types, usages. What's yours?

Post by Mad_Rasputin »

I have the SSM, the VCA matrix, and the alyseum II.. of the 3 so far I only really use the vcam, which is great for effects sends and mixing in a performance setting. I might even buy another to chain to the one I have.

the ssm I still haven't really sat down with to learn yet. same with the alyseum II. when I bought them I was hoping for some kind of magical way to move sequences around to different oscillators or other cool performance stuff that I didn't even fully comprehend, but read somewhere on here that you could use such tools to do some pretty cool stuff with presets or sequencing live sets .. I've just about figured out every other module in my set up so its time to tackle these.. the manual for the alyseum isn't great however, not a lot of stuff online for it or the SSM really.. any help in accomplishing cool shit would be appreciated!
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