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Knobula Kickain

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Knobula Kickain

Post by cashfalcon »

Just saw this recommended to me by the YouTube algorithm, looks pretty cool. I just checked their website and it looks like it's limited to a single 909 inspired kick sound which seems limiting, but maybe just my opinion. Would be cool to be able to load a bank of kick samples on a SD card.


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Re: Knobula Kickain

Post by fastlanestranger »

Also curious about this module. The envelope and sidechain outputs of the SSF Entity Kick are possibly my favorite features on a module right now so I like these kick unit bonus features.
I also really like the design language they employ.
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Re: Knobula Kickain

Post by escargot »

So how does it sound guys?
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Re: Knobula Kickain

Post by Multi Grooves »

Super quiet in here...

The module looks to be a semi setand forget/minimal affair in term of CVable inputs but I do love the colour scheme and the fact it offers something different re sending the whole mix through it. It'd be nice to get a more in-depth review.
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Re: Knobula Kickain

Post by noises »

I also thought it was interesting. Maybe it's the size and price point and limited sound selection? This module is using a Daisy so why limit it to one drum model (and just one voice)? It seems like a nice design overall, though I'd prefer a gray aluminum panel. I guess I would rather have a few cheaper/smaller voices instead and modulate them with more flexible fx/processing.
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Re: Knobula Kickain

Post by modtech »

heads up - juno has these for 20% off right now which combined with the current exchange rate makes for a significant discount.
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Re: Knobula Kickain

Post by playersteve19 »

I’m a bit confused by the reverb parameter. Does it only change the sound of the drum? Does it also add reverb to any incoming sounds?

I’d love for somebody who’s had a chance to get handsy with the module to weigh in, tell us what you think
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