Mixers & adders, understanding Planar (or another mixer?

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Mixers & adders, understanding Planar (or another mixer?

Post by submute » Wed May 22, 2019 4:39 pm

I own a Planar 1. I notice when I add additional audio tracks (or remove them) into the inputs, the overall volume is noticeably adjusted.

I am guessing this is because maybe it's adding CV and not necessarily mixing them?

I am thinking this kind of makes Planar not a great fit for audio mixing. Am I right in this suspicion, or fundamentally missing something?

Do I need a true 'mixer' to not impact the overall level when patching/unpatching?

Trying to get a better understanding before I make any purchases..


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Post by Parnelli » Wed May 22, 2019 5:12 pm

I use my Planar 2 for volume/panning, but I use CV to VCAs to regulate the volume of the audio tracks.

So... if you have a quad VCA you could put audio through each of the 4 VCA channels, and then use a positive CV to the input A say off of a Triatt (I have the Planar 2 and they're all normalled down the line) and the take A, B, C, and D out to the CV inputs of your VCA. As you pan the joystick the CV is sent to the corresponding output allowing you to pan or increase the volume on that channel, this is how I do it.

As for your question of directly feeding audio through the Planar I cannot answer it, sorry, but this will achieve what you're after in the end I think.

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