2021 MW Refresh

Important announcements about the forum and other Modwiggler.com sites.
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2021 MW Refresh

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Hello all,

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Mike's passing, so I thought it would be a good time to detail the often hinted upcoming changes to the site that will be going live over the next week:

The Name
Effective today, we are now Mod Wiggler.
ModWiggler.com is now active, although your old bookmarks will continue to work until the old DNS registration expires, on November 21, 2022.
Images and site configuration will be updated over the next couple days to match the new name. If by Monday I've missed anything, please shoot me a message.
We will not be rewriting history. We will not be changing old post contents. We are not banning or scrubbing words.
I'm not going to go into details about why the name was changed. That and settling on a new name was hard enough. It's done and not open for debate.

The Rules
A final draft set of rules & guidelines for member behaviour is currently being reviewed by the admin team and will be published in the coming days. Not much has changed here, it's just putting down existing expectations into writing along with penalty guidelines. This will also include a formalized process for escalating arguments with moderators.
Similarly there is now a set of rules and guidelines for moderators and admins, setting out a process for handling common situations which is meant to promote accountability and traceability in actions. This set of rules won't be published for all to see, but I do want to be clear that it does exist.

The Store
store.modwiggler.com is live.
Pricing is not final. What's on there now is a worst case pricing so we don't lose money on no matter where a order ships to. I'll be revising that and adding per-region shipping costs so the base item costs can be lowered.
I would have liked to be able to price things lower still, but the margins when dealing with print-on-demand services are very slim.
Item selection will continue to grow over time as I get a feel for what people like and how much volume I can expect.
If you are interested in a special or bulk order, please get in touch and we can work something out.
We are also accepting your designs, subject to approval. We will of course split and profit on those sales with you.

Form Refresh
Along with the brand refresh, I'll be pushing some changes to the forums - mostly in the Site Stuff section:
-A lot of the old Sticky threads will finally be removed.
-A new locked, sticky thread will be added to each forum, describing it's purpose and any special rules.
-Some more forums (in the Site Stuff sections) will be read-only until a user reaches a certain post count. This is to prevent sockpuppet accounts from trying to influence internal debates.
-Newly registered users will now be forced to first post in a new Welcome sub-forum. No more 1-post wigglers jumping in on long standing conversations.
-A new subforum will be added to nominate new Moderators. Growing a well maintained moderation team makes the job easier for everyone and ensures a better experience with higher quality posts fora ll. Any prospective new moderators can volunteer or be nominated here, giving the community a chance to give feedback before confirming them, hopefully ensuring no bad actors get their foot in the door.
-The NSFW sections will now be opt-in only, with an opt-in thread in a general Members Only section.

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